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Application dircction and fields of huaneng Activated Carbon

The lines of petroleum and natural gas

Deodorizing without soda(refining desulphurization)—heavy oil catalysis facility Desalting water(refined fillings)—ethene facility Oxidation adsorption(special fillings)—PTA oxidation facility Water purification and sewage treatment(domestic water and wastewater) recirculating water system

The line of electric power

Water treatment and protection—boiler system

The line of chemical industry

Catalyst carrier(Pd,Pt,Rh),gas purification,solvent recovery,grease decolorization and refinement

The line of food and driking

Decolorization and refinement of beverage,wine,monosodium glutamate and food

The line of gold

Gold extracting(instead of imports)Disposable solvent recovery-liquid waste collection and environmental protection

The line of environmental protection

Used for wasterwater treatment,harness of waste and harmful gas and air purification

The other line

Purifying drinking water,filtrating cigarettes,making wood floors dry,controlling pollution of automobile

The line of chemical fibre

Carrier of acetic acid catalyst—refining and extracting of acetic acid

The line of medicine

Used for purification and refinement of high—purity chemical reagent and medicine,removing heat of injection medicines


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