Address:Fengrunqu,Chaoyang Street 12,Tangshang Hebei, China
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The introduction of the company

Tangshan Huaneng Technology Carbon Co.,Ltd is a group enterprise, specialized in scientific research, production and management, and environmental protection and purifying water on activated carbons. It I s one of the main suppliers of activated carbon and catalyst in China. The group has passed ISO9002—2000 and established completely production facilities and control system from processing of raw material to products refined. It can guarantee the quality of “HUA NENG”AC to make every customer achieve their beneficiary choose Carbons and catalysts made n our company have been used in many oil refineries in petrochemistry field, Some are instead of import. Water treatment and biological activated carbon have been used by some big environmental protection and water treatment items.
A down –to –earth style and flexible way on management enable“HUA NENG”AC extensively used in a lot of industry and civil fields such as Petrochemical, Power, Metallurgy, Food and Environmental Protection etc. The markets extend the whole country in Chin and as well America, Japan, Australia, Taiwan and so on more than twenty counties and parts. Our company has been awarded the title “Enterprise of High and New Technology” by Hebei Province Science and Technology Committee. In order to enlarge the scale of production, our company has founded a base of raw materials of coconut shell charcoal producing and processing in southeast Asia.
Global environmental revolution has come. It is an opportunity and challenge. Te honest staffs of “HUA NENG” will catch this historical opportunity and meet times challenge with their intelligence and hard working with you together and create splendid results for our common flourishing cause.

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